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About Ubinuri

Ubinuri is the "Global Content Provider" which provides high qualified domestic and overseas contents to partners in all over the world, as a distribution enterprise specialized in digital contents since 2010. Ubinuri operates own brand platform 'Appzil' which provides more than 3,000 of mobile contents through numbers of channels in partnership with global developers.

Content publishing

We would like to share our know-how with many domestic and overseas developers who have qualified mobile contents with creative ideas. We provide our solution and strategy for successful publishing of your content. We have accumulated publishing know-how in global markets for 10 years.

Platform service

Since the launch of the first Independent appstore in Korea in August 2011, Ubinuri has implemented several local subscription based appstores in overseas countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil based on its own Appzil appstore platform.

Government projects

Ubinuri has been trying to revitalize international exchange of mobile contents and to make fair competition ecosystem in the mobile contents industry through collaborating with a local and abroad government-affiliated organization .


Timeline Data in one side

June, 2003

Company Inception
Fingertool.com (http://www.fingertool.com) launched. - Free Software download site and application store for PDA & Smartphone applications.

2004 ~ 2008

Developed contractual relationships with major phone manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics, to operate free PDA app stores for manufacturers, service providers, and portal.

2009 ~ 2011

Developed capability to provide globally sourced applications to local app stores in Korea.
Entered into partnerships with developers and major mobile application distribution firms in China, Japan, the U.S., and the rest of the world.
Launched AMS (Application Management System) for developers. Established business cooperation relationship with various android local app stores in all over the world.

August, 2011

Launching Ubinuri's own appstore "AppZil"(www.appzil.com) for the Appstore service in Korea.

November, 2011

Launching "AppZil" Taiwan"(www.appzil.com.tw) for the Appstore service in Taiwan. Launching "AppZil" Brand shop in OZ store of LGU+

March, 2012

Distributing applications as one of major CP on subscription appstore "Smartpass" in Japan

June. 2012

Establishing Joint Venture company and Launching "MyAppZil" in Malaysia. Starting sales of AppZil contents through "MyAppZil" and cooperation with Celcom Launching "AppZil" Brand shop in Hemi appstore of CHT in Taiwan Launching "AppZil" Brand shop in @Vibe of Asus

December, 2012

Attracting investment from Infocom which is a listed company on JASDAQ successfully. Launching "IdAppZil" & "AppZil.VN" in Indonesia and Vietnam respectively. Holding an “APP DEVELOPERS CHALLENGE 2012”with Celcom and MDEC in Malaysia.


Producing and Performing "Performing Musical Cytus" which is based on Mobile game "Cytus".
Holding "Training course of App Ecosystem in advanced market" for 2 winners of "APP DEVELOPERS CHALLENGE 2012”in Malaysia,
Building and Operating subscription appstore "FET MSA" in Taiwan. Distributing premium games on "FET MSA" as an MCP

July. 2013

Contracted by KOCCA(Korean Creative Content Agency), government agency to support Korea culture and game industry, to provide Global Publishing service for 4 Korean game developer

May. 2014

Contracted by NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency of Korea), government agency to support Korea IT industry, to provide Global Publishing service for 20 Korean smartphone application developers

June. 2014

Contracted by KOCCA(Korean Creative Content Agency), government agency to support Korea culture and game industry, to provide Global Publishing service for 7 Korean game developers

May. 2015

Contracted by MOIBA(Korea Mobile Internet Business Association), government agency to provide publishing service in Malaysia for 10 apps developed by Korean developers

June. 2015

Implementing subscription appstore platform in Taiwan with APTG(Asia Pacific Telecom) as an exclusive MCP

July. 2015

Contracted by KOCCA(Korean Creative Content Agency), government agency to support Korea culture and game industry, to provide Global Publishing service for 7 Korean game developers


Contracted by ASI,TRUE for launching of subsciption app store in Thailand
2016 K-Global smart mobile accerelator incubating


Ubinuri References


Ubinuri has been publishing more than 3,000games developed by local & overseas developer through our various overseas channel.


Ubinuri produce and outsource not only game application but also education application, culture application and so more as a trading corporation in application industry.


Ubinuri has been trying to provide more than 500 webtoons what have a very creative story to overseas users from Asia country such as Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong to the whole world.


Ubinuri’s Content on Culture

Unforgettable Korean War

The main purpose of “Unforgettable Korean War” is to give correct information about the Korean war easily. To the foreigner, the Korean war could be just a forgotten war but to the Korean, it couldn’t be forgotten and it should be the last war in the world.

70th Independence day of Korea

The main purpose of The 70th Independence day of Korea" is to give correct information about national liberation day of Korea which is to celebrate liberation from Japan and government formation of republic of Korea. But Japan’s unconditional surrender makes us to suffer another hardship

beautiful Hangul(The Korean Alphabet)

The main purpose of “beautiful Hangul” is to give correct information and history about Hangul(Korean). King Sejong the Great created Hangul in A.D.1443. After 3years of trial period he announced Hangul in A.D. 1446. Hangul day was declared as a national holiday in 2013

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